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Eilat Taxi also means Amit Trading & Services, Avraham Srour, Mitzpe Ramon Taxi and Ramon Airport Taxi.
Customer means the person making the booking and or the payment.
Passengers means the person(s) making the trip(s).
Suitcases means suitcase(s) up to 23 Kg each.
Vehicle means:Taxi 4 passengers, Taxi 6 passengers, Minibus , Bus or other type of vehicle we use to accomplish the services.
Rate2 means:from 21:00 untill 05:30, and also on Sabbath (from Friday 17:00 until Sunday 05:30) Jewish holidays and Independence day from 17:00 untill 05:29, until they are over.

Waiting time

Booking includes 15 minutes of waiting time - or 30 minutes if your pick-up is at an Ramon Airport or 45 minutes if your pick-up is at an Ovda Or Ben Gurion airports.
Waiting time Charge beyong including in booking will calcolate in minutes base on hourly charge.
Taxi 4 passengers-75 Shekels rate 1, for each waiting hour.
Taxi 4 passengers-93 Shekels rate 2 , for each waiting hour.
Taxi 6 passengers-100 Shekels rate1+2 , for each waiting hour.
Minibus and Bus -175 Shekels , for each waiting hour.


Taxi 4 pax can fit maximum 4 suitcases up to 23 Kg each.
If the suitcase(s) is up to 23 Kg and don't fit in the taxi ,Eilat Taxi have the right to refuse transportation and to apply an additional charge.


Cancellation trip of 4 pax taxi or 6 Pax taxi , pick up trips 15 Kilometer radius of Eilat less than 6 hours in advance will be charged 100 Shekels cancellation fee.
Cancellation trip of 4 pax taxi,6 Pax taxi , minibus and bus pick up trips above 15 Kilometer radius of Eilat less than 12 hours in advance will still be charged at full price quoted.
Cancellation trip of minibus and bus pick up trips 15 Kilometer radius of Eilat less than 6 hours in advance will be charged 350 Shekels cancellation fee.


Smoking or consuming any kind of intoxicants inside the vehicle are strictiy prohibited.


Eilat Taxi does not guarantee that it will be able to fulfill Your requirements and reserves the rights to refuse any bookings which you wish to make and to cancel any bookings You have made, and in such case to refund to you, in full and final settlement of any claims you might have, the fee paid by you.
Credit card charges are made in local currency.
The transportation service used in paved road only and don’t including gravel and dirt road.
It is the customer's reponsibility to make sure the booking details are complete and accurate, failure to do so is the sole responsibilty of the customer.
Changing original route above 5 Km , in case of closing roads as result of accidents, police barrier ,flooding etc its may cause additional charge base on extra km driving for each type of vehicle.
The projected minimal price is 100 NIS (not inc VAT), for especially short taxi trips consoider using a metered taxi as required by law.
Eilat taxi abides by Israeli law and the ministery of transportation guidlines as stated here

If you have any special requests, please let us know at the time of booking.

This document was last updated on February 13, 2018

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Our Vehicles

Our transportation fleet

Our Service

Eilat Taxi offers Taxi Cab service more than 18 years.
Our dedicated drivers are meticulously selected to ensure a courteous and professional service.
Our fleet are new, clean and are compliant with the Israely Ministry of Transportaions regulation supervision.
Eilat Taxi service offers a wide range of destinations, unique services such as airport pick up and drop off from israeli airports: Ramon airport,Ovda airport,Eilat airport, Ben Gurion airport,Yizhak Rabin & Taba (Menachem Begin) crossing borders. We also offer special tours to the Dead Sea hotels, Masada, Jerusalem, Timna Park,Red Canyon and Hai-bar Yotvata.
Our service is 24/7 all week inc holidays- except Kippur.
We also offers 6 passengers taxi, Minibus, Bus service and custom delivery service in Eilat.
By using our services you enjoy 17 % discounted prices, compared to other israeli taxi companies.
Eilat Taxi offers Taxi Cab service with bike carrier from and to Eilat all over Israel.
Eilat Taxi accept: Cash ,Credit Card and PayPal and Bitcoin

אילת טקסי מבצעת שירות מוניות באיזור אילת למעלה משמונה עשרה שנים הנהגים במשרדינו נבחרו בקפידה על מנת להבטיח שירות אדיב ומקצועי.
המוניות הינן חדשות,נקיות ועומדות בדרישות משרד התחבורה.
מוניות אילת מציעה שרותי הסעות מאילת.
למגוון רחב של יעדים כגון: שרות מוניות לישובי הערבה ,
איסופים ופיזורים משדה התעופה באילת,
הסעות משדה תעופה עובדה ומשדה תעופה בן גוריון ,
איסופים ממסוף טאבה, איסוף ממסוף ערבה-רבין
בתיאום מראש ניתן להזמין סיורים והסעות מאילת
ליעדים הבאים: סיור לפארק תמנע, סיור לחי בר יוטבתה ,
סיור מאילת למלונות ים המלח בעין בוקק ,סיור למצדה וירושלים
אנו מבצעים הסעות במונית עד 6 נוסעים,
במיניבוס עד 16 נוסעים ובאוטובוס עד 50 נוסעים מאילת ולאילת מכל מקום בארץ
ניתן לקבל מונית עם מנשא לאופניים,כיסא תינוק ובוסטר
אילת טקסי מבצעת משלוחים באילת ומאילת לכל מקום בארץ לרבות ישובי הערבה
התשלום עבור שרותי המוניות וההסעות הינו: PayPal , כרטיס אשראי , מזומן וביטקוין

השירות בתחנת המוניות של אילת טקסי ניתן 24 שעות ביממה כל ימות השבוע